If you wish to build a professionally looking website, but you do not have a lot of experience and aren't sure what app to employ, it could help if your hosting company offers an Internet site installer tool. Different from the popular application installers that are essentially just a group of scripts, a website installer will permit you to to select the most suitable application depending on the sort of site that you want to create. This shall save you the time and efforts to check whether a specific script can get the job done or not. Only a handful of companies offer Internet site installers, but should you have such a software tool available, you can start your worldwide web presence really easy. What you will get will be a ready-to-use website that you can begin customizing according to your taste and needs using the back office of the newly installed application.

Website Installer in Cloud Hosting

All cloud hosting solutions we offer include an Internet site installer. The software tool includes a very intuitive interface, so configuring your Internet site shall be very easy even if you have never had a hosting account before. It takes 3 easy steps to have your site operational - select your domain name, choose the type of website - CMS, blog, wiki, e-commerce, etcetera., select the login details for the script and you're done. We have countless beautiful themes that you can select from on the second step and you will see the relevant ones in accordance with what function you have selected for the site, so you'll be able to have a unique website in no time. The instrument as well as all themes that are provided within the hosting Control Panel come as a standard with each and every package deal and at no additional cost, so you'll be able to save a lot of money on web design services and still have a professional site.